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Repairing the unrepairable security door

Aluminium grille kicked out of aluminium frame by burglar(s). Three tradesmen correctly advised that it couldn't be forced back in, because it was installed in factory by fitting the frame around it. They all recommended a new door, after trying unsuccessfully to push the grille back in.

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Quotes to measure, make and instal a new door were around $600, taking about four to six weeks. Which was about two to three times the cost of a similar door from Bunnings etc, without installation, except it wasn't one of the standard sizes Bunnings etc supply. So it was going to be about a $600 'made to measure' door.

I dismantled the frame; re-installed the grille; re-assembled the frame; and re-fitted the door, looking the same as it did before the grille was kicked out apart from some barely noticeable channel damage. Cost: $150. Saving: About $450; another visit requiring homeowner to be home; and four to six weeks delay.

If you want real security, get a welded steel door. Nobody can kick the grille out, because it's welded in, not just a flexible grille sitting in narrow channel like the one below that could be kicked out by a 15 year old boy. And possibly was.


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